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Store all your stuff in a “CLOUD” and gain 256 bit SSL SECURED PRIVATE access to files you have anytime with any device including mobile phones and tablets.
The best Professional Cloud Storage is unlimited and easy to use and that will backup your stuff on auto pilot. Sync multiple computers with 100% secure encryption and automate your uploads how you choose.
* Keep sensitive data (like your girlie pics & videos) OFF your computer from prying eyes at home or the office *

What is Cloud Storage?

Basically how cloud storage works is that your first download an application to your computer (software) that syncs with the cloud. You set the parameters of what to upload and when (folders, etc).
Set & forget. Your selected files are automatically backed up on the schedule your administer and you can use any computer, or mobile device to access your could with your main login info.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Select your files and folders.
  2. The files are automatically uploaded to your cloud.
  3. Access them anytime, anyplace, anywhere with any device.

Everything is done without you having to think about it as the software is light and runs in the background of your main computer. Of course you can run an cloud upload anytime you feel like if the urge warrants it.

Not only is your stuff protected in a virtual cloud, but you can access it from your iPad or iPhone when on the go.

Think how convenient that can be!

If you have ever lost of misplaced a USB stick, then you know how nerve-racking that can be! “what if someone found it and hacked my stuff, I’d be doomed!“ – all your sensitive data is on there. Naked photos of the girl your fooling around with, bank account info, Tax info, incriminating video of your drunken tirade last night… you get the idea.

The really cool thing about the Cloud Storage is that you can work on your computer at home, then go out of or a coffee and continue working on the same thing via a tablet or smartphone. Since what your working on is synced to your cloud, you can access it and continue to work on it, save it, and your done.

As long as your have a connection to the internet you can access your cloud, doesn’t even have to be form your devices, you can use a friends. Oh don’t worry, they won’t have access to your password (256 bit SSL encryption baby!)

Cloud storage eliminates the need for bulky external hard drives, flash drives, CD-Roms, or any other physical storage device.

You may also share your cloud with friends and family. This makes sharing large files easy without the need for 3rd party websites like Youtube (which can delete your video) where the whole world can see make nasty comments about. Sharing your cloud is for THEIR EYES ONLY – you choose who can access it and what files that can see.

Cloud storage is EXTREMELY reliable and every file is fully protected under 256 bit SSL (secured socket layer) encryption. The cloud is always “on” and secure, no leaks at any point in the file transfers or uploads or access points.

To Sum Up Cloud Storage:

  1. Unlimited Storage
  2. Sync Multiple Computers
  3. 256 bit Encrypted & Secured
  4. 100% Automated
  5. Access Your Files Anywhere
  6. Share Files & Folders
  7. Full Mobile Access
  8. Offers 24/7 Support

If you have a LOT of hard drive hogging data like HD videos, thousands of photos and music files then make it easy with Cloud Storage! *sensitive data*

Try it out for FREE first and see if it’s for you, then it’s only a measly $4.95 a month – don’t be a cheapskate – look at what you get for that! Can you really risk your sensitive data security?  …sign up below…