IllusionMage Review of 3D Cartoon Creator Software

Illusion Mage 3D Cartoon Creator Animation Software
Seth Avery has developed a super kick-ass 3D animation software ‘IllusionMage‘, just like Pixar uses in their films.

But, does it deliver?

  1. Official site:
  2. You may have searched other 3D animation software and come to a few conclusions:
  3. Very expense
  4. No money back guarantee
  5. No tutorials

Simply put, IllusionMage can do virtually the same type of animation that you see big Hollywood using in their films, Pixar being the main animation studio and producer of these kinds of cartoon imaging and 3D.

* Watch the IllusionMage video above *

Inside the members are are a lot of video tutorials for every aspect where you are a beginner or intermediate. 3DMax and Maya does not offer that and are very hard to learn, even with their incredibly steep prices! So, IllusionMage is very user friendly. If that is what your looking for, or if you know what your doing and just want a more inexpensive “version” of 3DMax/Maya then definitely check this out.

IllusionMage Offers:

  1. Full-on 3D rendering similar to Maya & 3DMax
  2. Make a movie just like Pixar, all by yourself!
  3. Tutorial videos – 6 hours of instruction guides
  4. Of course you may opt to “download it all” or get a hard copy on DVD, you have that option.

We know a Cartoon Creator software is not a one size fits all as there are a lot of different variations to decide upon and make it look just right, and engineer the newest 3D into the mix. Illusion Mage is made to be easy to learn and use, plus give fantastic professional results.